Hi MaryJ
Our first webring of FIVE WEBSITES has been established!  New we need to spend some time bringing independent character strengths to each of these sites, and improving the referencing and bonds between these sites.  We should also resist the temptation to bring more members into this webring!  The current members cover most of what we are doing, viz...
Once we have a bit of flesh on this webring, and a number of well served clients, we'll re-look at the issue of webring membership.  Building this webring together - you, me and other equity holders - will build all of us!  We have a tonne of stuff to learn, and most of it is going to be "how to communicate" on THREE fronts, viz (in priority order!)...
  1. between ourselves
  2. what the web can deliver
  3. what our clients expect
To us !
PeterZ (2009)

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